From Hot-Desks and Dedicated Desks to private office suites, these state of the art productive spaces raise
the bar for start-ups and can’t-stops alike. Move in and move up.

About Us


With stunning river views and offices flooded with natural light our Co-working Space is serviced with lightning-fast fibre-optic 1GB synchronous broadband with a state of the art security system to guarantee peace of mind for our users.

With over 20,000 square feet over four floors The Building Block offers the full suite of working solutions, from Hot-Desking, Dedicated Desks, Meeting Rooms and Events in our Co-Working Space, to private office suites to full-floor occupancy.

For creative industries and international businesses looking for a ‘soft landing’ in Ireland The Building Block is the place to lay foundations and to realise their potential.

The Building Block is now partnered with The Buckley Co-Working, based in Dublin City Centre right beside Connolly Train Station.

We are also listed on Ireland’s National Hub Network Connected Hubs


MB Synchronous Broadband


Per Month For A Dedicated Desk





services and rates


Hot Desk
(Day Pass)


Hot Desk
(10 day block)


Dedicated Desk (Monthly)


Meeting Rooms
(Seats 8 / 14)


Event Space
(Seats 100)

Please contact us for rates



Covid Policy

Please note the TB Covid Policy is detailed under the download section below. Please always follow the HSE guidelines

What is a “Dedicated Desk”

The Dedicated Desks are situated in our Co-Working Space and are our largest desk at 2 meters wide and 800mm deep

You can set up your permanent computer, monitors, filing, printer etc for your business

When you book a Dedicated Desk you have sole use of your desk for the duration of your stay

You can also register your business address at this location and have all your post directed to your Dedicated Desk

A Dedicated Desk member has fob access and can avail of all facilities, including meeting rooms and meeting booths

You can share a Dedicated Desk with one other user if both of you are working part time (not at the same time). A shared dedicated desk has a larger rental rate per month, see services & rates page.

Dedicated Desks come at a low cost per day rate when compared to Hot Desks

What is a “Hot Desk”

Our Hot Desks are situated in our Co-Working Space

A Hot Desk is a temporary desk provided on a daily basis.

A Hot Desk member has access 09:00 to 17:30 Mon to Fri and is provided with an access pin to come and go as required.

If you are using a Hot Desk for more then a couple of weeks we would recommend you consider a Dedicated Desk as they come at a low cost per day rate when compared to Hot Desks


If you are not a Dedicated Desk Member but would like to Book a Meeting Room

For general event bookings please apply online by clicking button “Make an Enquiry”

If you are a Dedicated Desk Member

Meeting Rooms can be booked for free by Dedicated Desk Members using the instructions below

To Book “The Rushe Room” – Co-Working Area – Seats 8 – 12 People

Check availability Of room using this web diary link Rushe Meeting Room Diary

If available space on shared diary, book your meeting in your (outlook/google etc) diary and invite as attendee

Make sure you use your name or company as Subject of meeting, as this allows others to know who booked without giving away confidential info

Check booking updated on diary link Rushe Meeting Room Diary, it may take a minute, it will not book a past time

To cancel or edit the diary booking, please complete on your own personal diary and save, and repeat steps to ensure RusheMeetingRoomDiary updated

Fair use policy applies! Less then 2 hours per day per room please, note RnRs

To Book “The Nugent Room” – Co-Working Area – Seats 14 – 20 People, please contact



The Building Block has a large dedicated event area based in the Collaborative Space on the ground floor

Please contact us using the “Make and Enquiry” button on this webpage or email direct

The Event Space caters for the following

  • Seating for up to 100 people
  • 4.3m X 3m Projector Screen
  • Integrated Sound System with Mic and DVD/Memory Stick/Laptop/Internet
  • 2 X wireless Mics and 1 X wired Mic
  • Laptop
  • Remote control for power-point presentations incorporating laser pointer
  • 1 Gigabyte Synchronous Wireless Connectivity
  • Please see the Event Guide Document under the Downloads Section for detailed information on presentation equipment


Information Required To Book An Event Please

The following information is required to make a booking

  • Name Of Event
  • Purpose Of Event
  • Public Or Private (invite only Event)
  • Expected Number of Attendees
  • Preferred Date/s For Event
  • Start Time Of Event, (please note the area is a shared work area, therefore the preference is that events occur after 17:30pm Mon-Fri)
  • Est End Time Of Event
  • Key Contact Name and Details For Event Management
  • Requirement for Tables/Chairs/Event Equipment


We recommend Cafe Fleur for Catering e.g. Finger Food/Tea/Coffee

Please order directly from Cafe Fleur for a Building Block Menu. Also available under FAQ Downloads

Key Contact: Des Faul. Email: Tel:0872050909

They will setup for you and have direct access to the event area and can meet all your requirements from tea/coffee to buffet

Typical cost per person for tea/coffee is €1.50, a menu is available, please request


Security and Access

Please note the area is monitored internally and externally by CCTV

Users of this office do so at their own risk. The management will not accept responsibility for any damages accidents or losses. Please have insurance in place for your own property.

Please use your fob for all access. Pins can be issued temporarily for emergency access in event of fob failure. Please note you should not lend your fob to anyone else, it is personal to you and all access is recorded online.

Please ensure all doors are closed behind you after they open, they should be locked at all times.

If you have any issues or concerns, please use the Contact Page on this webpage.


Cleaning Services times

Every Tuesday 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Every Saturday 1:30pm – 3:00pm

TBB Office Cleaning Services

TBB provides a weekly cleaning service using Ballincastle Property Services . This services include, Cleaning and servicing the toilets, cleaning and servicing the kitchen including stocking Tea/Coffee/dishwasher tablets etc, dusting all surfaces including the desks, emptying all bins, cleaning windows and cleaning the vacuuming and mopping all floors.

Clean Kitchen Policy

The kitchen should be kept clean at all times, please leave it as you would like to find it, please stack your dirty cups/plates in the dishwasher and wipe down all services. Should the cups/plates etc in dishwasher be clean please empty it to insure there is not a build up of used cups/plates in or around the sink and kitchen area. Please use the overnight economy (5 hour delay) mode to save energy if running. Please note the fridge is cleaned out on the 1st Tuesday of every month, please remove all of your items or risk having them dumped.

Clean Desk Policy

TBB has a Clean Desk Policy and users a required to maintain their desk and the facilities in a clean and tidy fashion to enable cleaners to keep neat and tidy.

Waste Bins

Green / Recyclable Waste Bins are provide at each desk location for recyclable waste only.

Black / General Waste is stored under the sink in the canteen, these bins are labelled.

The waste is disposed of twice weekly as part of the cleaning services and emptied in the designated Green and Black bin in the laneway. The bins in the laneway are emptied bi-weekly by Barna Waste.

For any issues please contact Ballincastle Property Services

Heating Of Collaborative Area

Please note the heating is controlled centrally using programmed settings and should not be modified to ensure we maintaining a green office

Heating Settings

Mon to Fri 08:30 – 16:30pm

Temp 21 deg

Heating is off outside of these times

What happens if you find the temperature too cold or too hot

Based on the shape and size of the office, different parts will experience slightly different temperature. Whilst the heating temp is set at 21 degrees, this temperature is set at the height of the heating units and the air is circulated by fans, therefore you may experience a slightly lower temperature at different locations.

If there are consistent issues please use the Contact Page on this webpage to let the property manager know and they will investigate.

What happens if I am working or at an event outside of the set hours and the area is too cold.

Please raise the issue with management who can temporarily overwrite the set heating schedule by increasing the temperature on the control units. We would ask that when you leave the office space you make sure to click the off button to ensure the heating turns off, as if in boost mode it will remain on until the next timed on event, e.g. if boosted at 18:00 and not turned off, it will stay on all night (or all weekend if on a Friday) until it resets at 06:30 the following morning. As you can imagine energy usage for such a large area is substantial and the strong preference is that the controls are not interfered with wherever possible, and always turned off after use. This helps reduce operating costs substantially and make the building more green. Benefits we hope to be able to pass on to our tenants in keeping rates low.

Use of kitchen

The Kitchen is available to use by all Dedicated Desk members with free freshly ground coffee. Please always leave the kitchen as you would like to find it, keeping all surfaces clean

The Kitchen includes fridge, dishwasher, microwave, delph and cutlery and large dining table to have shared lunches together.



All Floors in TBB are covered by a seamless optic fiber gigabyte synchronous Wi-Fi network

You will need an 802.11AC compatible card or higher to see higher bandwidth speeds on 5Ghz frequency

Generally, wireless cards will outperform USB dongles. USB Wi-Fi dongles will be limited to throughput of USB port (if plugged into USB 2.0 port and not 3.0)

The broadband in TBB is also structured to allow for automatic fail-over to a back up broadband connection in the unlikely event of an outage

If you cannot connect at all, or if you are experiencing difficulty please log your issue on the contact form on this webpage listing it as an IT issue, detailing the time and date of issue including frequency. This helps our IT company identify any issues more quickly and remedy them


The Current Address for Dedicated Desks in the Co-Working Area is as follows

Name Of Company

Desk XX

The Co-Working Area, Ground Floor

The Building Block, Bridge Street

Sligo, F91 XY2N

Post for the Collaborative Area is delivered to the numbered pigeon holes, the number correspondences with your desk, please keep clean

The Current Address for Office Space on other floors is

Name Of Company

Main Entrance, 1st/2nd/3rd Floor

The Building Block

Bridge Street


F91 XY2N

Post for the Office Spaces are delivered to post boxes in the main entrance at the bottom of the stair well, please request one to be allocated from the Property Manager


The Property Manager should be contacted for

Check-In – collection of fob/keys

Maintenance – all issues relating to the building and/or services therein

If an urgent issue please also call the Property Manager using the details below

If a major security or fire issue please call the Gardai or Fire Brigade first on 112 or 999

Contact details for Property Manager

Rory Conway, Ballincastle Property Services Ltd. PSRA License 001169

Tel : 071 9145005 Email :

Block 8 The Grove Complex,Clarion Road, Sligo. F91 A2F

For Accounting Queries such as

Rent/Deposit – Invoice/Statements/Payment queries

Please email

For Check-In or Check-Out Of Co-Working Area

Check-In – collection of fob and introduction to Coworking space

Check-Out – handback of fob

Please contact



Uniquely located right in the centre of Sligo town, overlooking Sligo’s main waterway and at the centre of a regeneration quarter, The Building Block features spectacular views on every side.

5 Minute walk from Sligo’s main train and bus station, with direct Dublin links, 3-4 times daily. 10 minute drive from spectacular beaches popular for walks and surfing.

Application Form

Please Note We Need 2 Working Days Notice of Booking

We are temporarily closed for new bookings from 01 Dec 2021 to 31 Jan 2022 due to refurbishment works, good news, we are expanding!

Event Space - Seats 100 - Terms and Conditions

  • Seating for in excess of 100 people
  • Excellent audio visual capabilities with 4.3mX3m meter wide screen and sound system
  • We actively support community and business events, please contact us to discuss
  • Please see our download section for description of equipment available

Meeting Rooms - Seats 8/14 - Terms and Conditions

  • Nugent Meeting Room – Seats 14 = €50/2hrs €80/4.5hrs €140/8hrs (excl VAT)
  • Rushe Meeting Room – Seats 8 = €40/2hrs €60/4.5hrs €100/8hrs (excl VAT)
  • Access = Typically Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30 or by appointment
  • Coffee = Free freshly ground coffee and tea
  • Please note we can also provide rooms for longer bookings e.g. for training events etc

Dedicated Desk - Monthly - Terms and Conditions

  • Access = Fob Access
  • Facilities = Full use of Kitchen / Breakout Areas / 1GB Synchronous Wi-Fi/Meeting Booths
  • Desk = Large 1.8m wide 800mm deep desk dedicated for your sole use throughout your stay
  • Tea/Coffee = Free tea and freshly ground coffee
  • Meeting Room = Free use of all meeting rooms
  • Rent = €217 payable monthly in advance (*€260 for a desk shared between 2 people)
  • Security Deposit = €217 which is refundable subject to terms and conditions
  • Termination = minimum 3 months letting agreement thereafter 1 months notice at any time
  • * Desks can be shared with 2 part time people so long as they do not use simultaneously

Hot Desk - 10 day block - Terms and Conditions

  • Access = Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30
  • Facilities = Full use of the Kitchen/Breakout Areas/1GB Synchronous Wi-Fi/Meeting Booths
  • Tea/Coffee = Free tea and freshly ground coffee
  • Rent = €160 plus VAT
  • Access Days = 10 days, which must be used fully within 30 days of invoice date

Hot Desk - Terms and Conditions

  • Access = Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30
  • Facilities = Full use of the Kitchen/Breakout Areas/1GB Synchronous Wi-Fi/Meeting Booths
  • Tea/Coffee = Free tea and freshly ground coffee
  • Rent = €19 plus VAT per day